Where it All Began.....


I developed a serious interest in photography when I had my first baby. Before long there were two more (each 15 months apart) and it became impossible to get them to sit still, let alone look at the camera. My shoots consisted of jumping up from behind the lens with a hand puppet and yelling “peekaboos.” Sure it worked, but it was a logistical nightmare. I also found my friends' children were not quite as attentive to my antics. The search for a solution led me to Etsy, where I found a variety of handcrafted lens props made to fit around a camera lens.


In 2010, I decided to join the ranks and created my own lens props, Camera Creatures, based on animals my children loved. At first my creations went out as personal gifts but soon became items I sold on my own Etsy shop. My shop was written up on PetaPixl and soon thereafter I was contacted by reputable camera shops that wanted to sell my product. Among the chaos of daily life with three little ones, I decided to take on the challenges of filling large orders for professional outlets. As Camera Creatures evolved, so did my vision, and I developed a manufactured product designed to fit large lenses. My new line of Camera Creatures not only had a fun squeaker but were designed for use even when shooting with a lens hood. 


I love running my business! I take pride in my products and enjoy hearing from customers. Thank you for taking the time to read about my company, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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