Our Uses Page was written to help you make the best use of your new Camera Creature. Whether shooting candids or posed shots, Camera Creatures are a wonderful tool to help kids feel at ease. They set the tone for a fun photo shoot!

Babies (Birth to 6 Months):

The bright colors, general appearance, and squeaker appeal to babies. Simply show them the Camera Creature on your lens to capture their attention. Use the squeaker once they turn away the first time.  













Babies (Six Months to 1 1/2 Years):



Oh the wonders out there to discover! The baby that once sat still is now on the move (or close). Competing with a mobile child in a new location is challenging! Here's ways to use your Camera Creature with this age group: 


Attention spans for this age group is short, so set up your shots before introducing your Camera Creature. 

-Show the Camera Creature to the child up close to gain interest.
-Quickly move away, ask "Where's the Dog/Owl?" Once they loose interest in simply looking at the Creature, begin to use the squeaker.  
















As children get older, they are much more savvy about giving up a smile. Here are some fun ways to use Camera Creatures during photo shoots to make it fun for everyone. 


Toddlers: 1 1/2 to Four Years


-A nice way to warm up and start a session is by announching you have a special friend that loves to join you to take pictures. (Wait to squeak it.)
-If you have more than one Creature allow them to choose.
-Tell them the Owl/Dog talks and ask them to guess what it will say. Once you've set up the shot you want, ready, set, squeak. 
-Ask if they think it will do it again. Wait and repeat squeak.  











 This wonderful little boy was very fearful to not have his mom right next to him as we were taking pics. He helped me pick his favorite Camera Creature (The Owl). I asked him if he thought the Owl could talk. Of course he said yes. The smile pictured above is his reaction when he heard it. To get subsequent shots, I asked if he could make it talk again. At his point we transitioned to another location for a new shot. 


5 Years and Older



​Even 6 year olds find it fun when I've said "I lost my pet frog and have no idea where it went." My daughter's Kindergarten Class got a big kick out of trying to help me see it was in fact stuck around my lens.


For many, the sight of a camera can be intimidating. Rather than run to it, many run from it. As children get older Camera Creatures are a wonderful way to help anyone in front of the camera feel at ease regardless of age.  


Camera Creatures are a great way to bring fun to your photoshoots. I've had some of the most wonderful feedback from photographers who were photographing groups. The squeaker helps direct attention from the other noise that may be going on and the colors and general appearance helps makes people feel at ease. 



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